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My name is Yaroslav Mishchenko! I was born in Ukraine, Kyiv. I studied at high school, college, worked a lot. I want to say that I had a lot of a different jobs – I was a promoter at school and sometime after school, salesman at electric part market, florist, then again salesman, but selling clothes. Also, I worked as a driver for a while. Of course I have a hobby – I like to catch fish, repair motorcycles, cars and computers. I read books, mostly is a business literature and technical literature. I watch self-development blogs on YouTube. I do fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle. I was looking for my vocation and I realized that I can’t stop – I need to learn and improve always! I keep looking for my vocation today and I will continue it in the future! I’m attracted to creativity. In 2015, I was offered a job as wedding photo editor. Mr.Smith from Texas was looking for a responsible person who will work with him, for his photo business. I was interested in photography before, but I didn’t know how to work in photoshop and lightroom. I studied at Kyiv Photography School especially for photo editing. I received excellent knowledge in photo editing with my mentors – Dmitriy Sakharov and Vadim Doctorov. Also, I received knowledge in art and composition. In July 2015, I began my work with Smith Photography (now it’s Weddings by Tony and Elena and Ateta Studio ). It was a great and interesting time for me. I prefer to work with female portraits and wedding photography. Also, I worked with advertising – I created advertising banners for social networks. So, you can see a few of my works on my website and Instagram. I like graphic design and in the future, I would like to learn it more deeply! Today, I’m looking for a wedding photographer or studio, whose photos I will be edit.

Photo editing service indispensable for those people who have wedding photo business or photo-studio and want to save their time. After wedding photoshoot you need to edit photo in lightroom,  photoshop and spend precious time. You can send it to the photo editing service and in your free time earn an additional 1000-2000$ on another wedding. Also, you can spend time with your family, friends, go fishing, shopping or just relax, while I work for you. I work by myself and I’m ready to do the job as well as possible. While other photo editing services are get your business and your responsibility in the hands unknown people, who work for pennies and they are only thinking about – how to get rid of your photos as quickly as possible!

Trust me and you will be pleased with the result!

Money can be earned, but time cannot be earned or received as a gift. When we are born, we get a certain amount of time – life. Sometimes we irresponsibly dispose of our time. We don’t know how much time we have. Time is an invaluable resource. So, if you have a dream or desire, make it happen! Don’t delay for the future! No one knows when this future will come and whether it will come at all. I can help you save your time, per a nominal fee! For you! For your dreams and desires!

Regards, Yaroslav Mishchenko!


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